Sensible Chinese character learning challenge 2014

I have always found quite useful like facebook pages related to language learning. Nowadays, we are always checking our social networks, and these pages bring you the possibility to study for five minutes with every post they made. The other day, “Red Chinalatai” (a spanish facebook page from a girl who is living in China), talked about a learning hanzi challenge propose by “HackingChinese”; a website of which I had never heard. I found an interest website with useful tips and tricks for learning chinese; the last post was about a challenge consist in studing hard hanzi during 101 days, and stay active on your progress in social networks. Thus, I decided to get to work and accept the challenge. 

Although the university has suffocated me, is always a good chance a productive challenge. That’s the reasong I have decidades to create this blog, where weekly I will post the “hanzi” I have learnt and my experiences using the new words I just have learnt. 
By the way, I apologize for my English; I am not native speaker; but I will happily accept corrections to my english! 

I also have other blog, just in case, someone feel interested about it. It is related to politics:

Hacking Chinese website:


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